Cooking Coffee
Cooking Coffee
Cooking Coffee
Cooking Coffee
Cooking Coffee

Cooking Coffee

Albert Adria 

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About the book: 

About the book:Italy is the country that has brought out the best in coffee – inventing processing methods that enhance the quest for perfect balance between the different sensory qualities and the different varieties, origins and ways of preparing coffee – turning it into an essential part of the country’s culture. Since the company’s very beginnings, Lavazza has been distinguished by its passion for coffee. This tradition has reached its 120th year, starting back in 1895 with a first shop in Turin, and becoming the company it is today, whose true mission is to bring enjoyment from coffee. This has culminated in the idea of a collaboration with Montagud Editores for the production of a book containing twenty-three recipes designed using Lavazza coffee as an ingredient: twenty-one created by Albert Adrià.

Publication Date: 2015
Language: Spanish, English
Format: Hardbound
Pages: 96 pp.

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