Fragrant Dishes From India, Thailand, Vietnam and Indonesia

Vivek Singh, Das Sreedharan, G. Sultan Mohideen, Mahmood Akbar, David Thompson, Sri Owen, Corinne Trang

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About the book: 

Take your taste buds on a global curry adventure. Invite top chefs, writers and cooks into your kitchen, from Vivek Singh (The Cinnamon Club), Das Sreedharan (Rasa Restaurants) to David Thompson (Nahm) and they'll share their secrets for authentic, taste-tingling curries that are easy to create at home.

Learn how to make authentic dishes like Thai green jungle curry, chicken makhani and South African bunny chow. You'll discover which ingredients make each dish special, and follow step-by-step techniques that make every recipe clear. This updated edition comes with 20 brand new recipes with new step-by-step sequences.

Tried and tested by experts using readily available ingredients and exquisite flavours - red hot results are guaranteed every time.

Publication Date: 2015
Language: English
Format: Hardcover 
Pages: 384 pp.
ISBN: 9780241198667

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