Davao Cuisine
Davao Cuisine
Davao Cuisine
Davao Cuisine
Davao Cuisine

Davao Cuisine

Recipes of the Ten Tribes of Davao City

Macario D. Tiu

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About the Book: 
A pioneering study of the culinary arts and skills of members of various indigenous groups in Davao City. Documenting the foods and the manner of their preparations is an achievement in the important task of deepening and enriching our appreciation of our complex cultural heritage as Davaoeños and as Filipinos. Beyond that, this study opens a tantalizing window on larger historical and cultural currents, including ethnobotany, demographic dynamics, religious or spiritual beliefs, processes of change, and the impact of global movements of commodities and knowledges.

Publication Date: 2014
Language: English
Format: Softcover 
Pages: 156 pp.
ISBN: 978-621-95-0220-7

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