Josean Alija

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About the Book: 
Muina is a general concept that encapsulates what I am and what I offer. It enables the creative process to be viewed as a journey to the source of things, to their roots, allowing their true potential to be developed fully through the description of rounded, complete and pleasurable sensations. This is what Muina holds: a very personal representation of the world and the reality that surrounds me. Acceptance, specification and loyalty to a series of values lead me to follow the same path constantly, never straying from it. It is the determination to share knowledge, research, projects, life experiences and emotions.Everybody has their way of seeing things, and this tends to be a combination of influences, developments in their life and personal experiences, their acquisition of knowledge, and the curiosity they feel. Josean has his own way, and he means Nerua to be the perfect vehicle for conveying it.The Nerua project provides an outlet for the talent and sensitivity of an exceptional chef, in order for Josean to be able to express his personal and particular view of cuisine; a way for him, through his successes and errors, to create a personal language and a different style of cooking that is not caught up in fashions, while allowing him to be influenced by the times without losing the essence of who he is, in the knowledge that developing his own message is a process in constant evolution and with results that are far from certain. He is ultimately aware that it is the most difficult road to take.

Publication Date: 2013
Language: Spanish, English
Format:  Hardcover
Pages: 191 pp.
Size: 8.4 x 6.1 x 0.5 inches
ISBN: 978-84-7212-147-8

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